Morning Brew Phoebe Nox

Peaceful, this morning the Fens feels peaceful. As I sit drinking my morning brew on the balcony of the apothecary, the view is so beautiful from here. I can look out across the waters next to the place I call home, I can look and watch the Inn and stable as well. Today was going to be full of concocting to help cure the sick in Minoc. Cadence and I had went back to the Inn in Britain to bring the sick girl from the Governors meeting to the Fens, Olivia. We isolated her in a building at the Ruins behind the Apothecary. She had shown signs of improvement yet last night seemed to continue the cough horribly. Almost delirious she had mumbled about her family, who apparently had died from the sickness. Cadence had sat with her all night and I knew I needed to go relive her to go rest. Cadence had a heart as big as the Fens itself and a way of healing greater than any I had ever seen, but we needed to stop the coughing in the girl and cure the virus she was carrying. There was just something about the sickness that was unlike any I had ever seen and we needed to make fish oil to use in the cure. Before I go to relive Cadence I will check the fish market and reserve the next few barrels of fish today to use to make the oil. Perhaps a specific type of fish would be required, Cadence and I would try each kind of fish we can find for the correct oil. Looking at my empty cup I knew it was time to go relive Cadence, with a huge sigh I made way to the building holding the sick girl and my Sister.

Entering the room I saw Cadence slumped in a chair in the corner and noticed the girl was finally sleeping. Checking to make sure the girl was still alive. Then slipping quietly over to Cadence I shook her shoulder as she woke and immediately looking at her patient she smiled and nodded. I softly spoke " its time sister for you to go to your own bed and get some rest in comfort". Cadence looked at me as if she wasn't going to leave. Sternly I shook my head and said " Yes go home and go to sleep at least a few hours, we can start experimenting with the cure once you have rested well. As she sighed, she knew I was right she needed to sleep in her own bed. Watching as she stood and walked over to check on the girl, then quietly left the room. Caring for sick was not a favorite thing for me, I was not the compassionate Nox Sister, but I also was not a Demon either. I had brought a book and I cuddled myself into the warm chair My Sister had fallen asleep in an began to read.....

~to be continued

by Phoebe Nox
Jaden Rain
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