Tavern Night Tonight

The Haunting of Persephone

The magic still grows in the Fens, some days it is dark and a gloom hangs over the swamps and evil seems to fill the air. The ruins from the Paws lingers still and the small graveyard seems to have an evil aura surrounding it at times. Granny used to always say they burned witches there once and piled the Bodys in an unmarked grave. There is where our Mother was buried beside the grave of Witches. I like to avoid that graveyard, but I do visit the grave of our mother and leave a rose on her grave, every once in a while. Granny talked of mother often, I know she missed her when mother went away. Granny never fully accepted the life mother chose, during the times I caught Granny at the graveyard I could hear her say mothers name in her chants, "Persephone". Mother always seemed to gravitate to the darker magics, and Granny blamed the dark magics for pulling her away from her family. My soul seemed to be divided been the good magics and the darker, the resentment I felt for how I was left with my Grandparents was imbedded deep within my heart, and because of that I believe that is why I lash out at those who annoy me. Like turning the King into a Toad, that man just isn't Right, but is he even a man or a machine. For many reasons I believe he is the latter. 

Persephone grew up in the same home I did, by the same couple. She had once loved a boy that too lived in the Fens. A boy from a wealthy family. Granny would never go any further with that story, only saying the boy was evil. Then again Granny always said Toads were evil and sometimes a girl had to kiss a few Toads before she would find her Prince. I guess Mother kissed a lot of Toads. 

After the night I heard Mothers voice, I have thought of her often. What little time I got to spend with her she had made a great impact on my soul. Perhaps that is why the dark magic hovered over me. So far, I hadn't used the dark magics too much, well except of the VooDoo Dolls which I notice Cadence also enjoys. I suppose wanting to turn annoying people into toads is also a darker magic, but it is so funny. Since hearing Mothers voice I had felt her presence many times since that night. I believed her spirit was living at the Apothecary with me. I had began to talk to it, but I had not heard the voice again since that night, but I still felt that presence. I was to host a Tavern night tonight, and I believe I shall unpack the Ouji Board for this one. Let the Haunting begin......

~To be continued

~by Phoebe Nox
Jaden Rain
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