Open Rebellion

I do not feel the citizens or even the King for that matter realize the absence of certain Governors is an Open Rebellion. A task that some in the past only dreamed of these men have Seceded from the Crown, calling the King a Tyrant. The Governor meeting was eventful to say the least. With three empty seats I originally thought it would be a short meeting and uneventful, but little did I realize what was about to transpire. The King started at the right end of the table and first up was supposed to be the Governor of Yew, which was only an empty chair. As the King skipped on past to the Governor of Vesper and as always everything was in order and Vesper was doing well, next came Skara Brae and a lil more drama, the Governor of Skara being a spiritual virtue leader his city seemed intact and he voiced many concerns, but next it came to the turn of Moonglow, another empty seat but a nice young lady stepped forward and told of how she had tried to get the Governor to the meeting but he refused and stayed held up, as she stated, in an Inn within the City with many Ladies and she was told to go speak for the city herself. Of course, next came Trinsic and the Governor was very law abiding and honorable with his statements. Going to the other side of the table came the Goblins turn and well I couldn't understand a word he said, if he just didn't sound like he had rocks in his mouth perhaps I could but I just do not speak goblin. Next came Minoc with an empty seat and some Rover man stood up and gave his view of the city, yet a coughing sick girl was in the crowd saying she was from Minoc and that the Governor and many people there were sick but she was ignored, she had told me of the sickness after the meeting. Next came the Magincia Governor and he to claimed well things of his city. Somewhere in between there the Governor of Moonglow came bombarding in claiming the King was a Liar and a tyrant and, in my opinion, claimed his rebellion from the Crown, after much disruption he was asked to leave or be thrown out, the King seemed to have mistaken him for all three empty seats not just his own of Moonglow, but he left. Next came Jhelom Governor now he amuses me I love to hear his stories. Many argued and claimed the empty seats were from not caring or just not wanting their seats. Fact of the matter is maybe Monarchy is what they are rebelling from, maybe they had starched their undies a lil too stiff, who really knows, but the citizens around me were hostile and many angry at the madness of the meeting, myself I found it amusing. The mechanical King is finally perhaps being seen for what he really is or isn't. I say Where is Lord British, the Kingdom could use a great ruler

~written by Phoebe Nox
Jaden Rain
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