Auction Safe Search & Showing Prices

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So... typically vendor search only shows prices, but, there are times when vendor search is 'slow' or bugs out and you do an auction safe search and it shows the prices. Can we get this as a permanent feature, instead of a bug? Clearly the technology already exists and is there!

ps: can the safe owner also see the uncensored names for the buyer? These two additions would make my year, thanks.
  1. Add prices to auction safe search?10 votes
    1. Yes, as long as it doesn't add any complications or break vendor safe search.
    2. No, I like inconveniencing myself.
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    DO THIS LIKE IT'S 1999
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    How did you get Auction Prices?  I Love it!

    But, they should only show the buyout price, I don't want to be tricked into going and the price is 10x more to buy it.
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