Nice touch with luck

In the past there has always been questions of does luck work or not, what does it do, is it broken, etc. With this event the affect of luck is clear, a few hundred points different makes a huge change in drops. It's nice to see it really working in a clear way that's hard to debate.


  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 542
    Pretty much the only way to see luck at work clearly prior to this event was the Saltpeter/Niter Deposit size mechanic.   The luck spreads seem to be identical in egg drops as the spread in Niter Deposit Sizes. 2200-2400 Luck seems to be where it gets fairly dependable, less than 1800 and you are pretty much just wasting thorns 2700+ and the eggs just flow in.  Pretty much anyone with a smith/tailor/Imbuer and 600k clean up points can put together 2400-2600 luck suit at the cost of some runic kits and hammers and be in the luck zone for a good drop rate on the eggs.  Better drop rate on the max luck suits but those get real expensive to put together.  LOL I was doing Origin with just my miner mule toons with 2000-2200 luck suits and killing with 2 untrained fire beetles and a untrained blue beetle Best hour was 59 eggs across 3 characters worst hour was 45 so the RNG rolls come into play as well.  Ran some 1000-1200 luck suits (Best I had on Cats) and was doing 10-16 eggs per hour across 3 toons........ May as well have thrown those thorns in the trash barrel.
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