Is something broken with artifact generation?

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Just plugging away at tmaps and noticing a lot of this nonsense lately :pensive:

If I told you one of these was LEGENDARY! and one of these wasn't....


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    The legendary has every resist over capped. I think 3 are higher than high.

    HCI and DCI are only a few points. Regens are more points. 

    The legendary has something the other can't have.
    Not sure if that makes the status higher.

    The intensity of the Legendary will be much more. Use EC to view the points.
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    oooh that's a good thought... how do I do that in EC?  Or do I need something extra to see what the intensities are exactly?  This was a gold ranger chest with a true max luck suit minus the wildfire mask in favor of imbued cartography glasses.  I think it was just shy of 3000 luck.  I swear I got about 20 major magics with 5-6 extra mods and that one "legendary" hahaha
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    I dunno why I do these.... I get better loot off the doom gauntlet guardians in 1 hour of doing laps and looting corpses than I have in about 100 ilshenar ranger hoard maps....
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    @Arroth_Thaiel or other EC user may know how to see the intensity or if you need Pincos.
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    The actual item intensity looks correct to me @Valeria
    It's the mod combination that causes so much gear to be worthless.

    They are technically both 8 mod items, as the generation system treats resistances above 18 as "mod's".

    So, for the gorget:
    1. HPI          max mod
    2. HPR        undermax mod
    3. Luck        undermax mod
    4. HCI          undermax mod
    5. DCI          (I don't remember the max value here)
    6. Fire           overcapped mod
    7. Energy      overcapped mod
    8. MA            max mod

    So, you have 3 undermax mods, two at max, and two overcapped. Plus whatever DCI is. Also, nothing odd that requires higher intensity just to be on the piece. In all, not a lot of intensity points required to hit those numbers and generate that piece.

    For the leggings:
    1. Casting Focus   overcapped mod
    2. HPR                   undermax mod
    3. HCI                    undermax mod
    4. Fire                    overcapped mod
    5. Cold                   overcapped mod
    6. Poison               overcapped mod
    7. Energy               overcapped mod
    8. MA                     max mod

    So, 5 mods over the cap, 1 at max, two undermax. Lots of intensity points required to roll that out, especially with Casting Focus, which seems to take higher intensity to even appear on the piece. The Brittle negative was probably required to even have enough intensity to make Casting Focus available in the potential mod pool.

    The real problem with the leggings is the Prefix "Fortified". This puts a lot of the available intensity points into resistances, regardless of what the overall intensity is, reducing your chance at other, more desired mods, and/or the intensities of those other mods.

    Fortified is one of the available group names for mods, but it seems to roll far more than it should. As in, Fortified is 1 of 12 group names, so we should see it about 1 in 12 times, but it shows up like 4/6 in 12 times. The system really has some weighting issues with the group names.

    Pinco's UI is probably your best bet for viewing intensities directly in the client (if Pinco has added that ability.)

    Edit: I'm going to add that the above is the "quick and dirty" way I think of the loot generation system. It's actually a bit more complicated. I would suspect that if you break down the gorget, it's been made (generated) with special materials, so it's possible the resistances are all undermax and not mods at all, making it a six mod item (all at or under cap) that has been enhanced.

    If you've ever done much unraveling, you'll find the "This item has been made with special materials" warning pops up frequently on looted items. The loot generation system appears to follow the player crafting process: create, reforge, enhance.
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    Really appreciate the write-up. Back to the grind I guess!
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    Faster service than my last Pina  colada.

    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    Too much luck = too many cursed items
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    Valeria said:
    I dunno why I do these.... I get better loot off the doom gauntlet guardians in 1 hour of doing laps and looting corpses than I have in about 100 ilshenar ranger hoard maps....
    I understand that lots and lots of Treasure Hunters have been lamenting how the quality of loot, even in high end Treasure Map chests (Hoard and Trove), and with Gold chests and Cartography +5 glasses is very, very underwhelming, and not making it worth a player's time to do Treasure Maps for loot quality, really...

    Perhaps @Kyronix , might want to give a look at Treasure Chests loot Table and make the odds to get better loot quality higher to make it worth a player's time to do them as compared to spend their time working other spawns?

    This is an items' game, players look for items' quality.... if a given content does not yield the Loot Quality that players' are seeking, players just do not do that spawn and look elsewhere....

    And I think it is very understandable.

    Treasure Chests' Loot Quality needs to be increased, and quite some, me, and many other UO players think.
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    @Valeria - A while back I noticed the same thing as you pointed out where (at least) half of the non-legendary items I was pulling from T Chests weren't as good as some of the non-legendary stuff I was pulling. This is actually the main reason I stopped really doing treasure chests.

    The problem seems to be that while the total intensity of the legendary might be higher; the overall package isn't better. It was pretty common for me to go out and do 10-15 chests and I'd pull a non-legendary item with maybe +2 int / +8 mana / 2 MR / 20LRC / 8LMC / +17 all resists and pull a legendary item with +10 mana (no int) / 5LRC / 10LMC / +17 all resist (maybe missing a resist). I'm sure technically the legendary is more intense because it has 2 max value properties but as an overall package it's not as "good" as the non legendary because it has less overall properties and lower intensity on some properties.

    This is just a heads up that you will likely keep finding the same thing happen most of the time where you kind of question is it even worth keeping the T Map legendary items. My theory, which hasn't been confirmed, is that the legendary items found in T chests are "low level" legendaries (for a lack of a better term) which will border "high level" non-legendaries also found in the chests. The legendary items you find in treasure chests will not rival the legendary items you would find on Scalis/Shadowguard/UW/etc.
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