Any chance we can have some items added to cleanup points?



  • RinerRiner Posts: 351
    Rocko said:
    Tyrath said:

    I dont usually read other peoples threads its like reading a kids diary.

    All the items for eggs are junk.

    Can we get ;
    New rides (ethy Kangaroo or wombat would be good)
    Some more fifty sdi slayer books
    A skirt that blows up when you fart, 
    Horse poop instead of mud.
    A parrot that fights.
    and instead of making unused eggs useless, cant we use them to throw  at devs at meet and greets?

    Always your fiend 

    Saul x x o o x x

     Shouldn't you be crying and whining about how much you hate the event in GC instead of wasting time here? 

    I would like to get some clean up points for some of these posts I would like to delete.

    If only we could :-)
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