Gran Pappy

*Since I have not been able to post for over a month here goes*

People own history books, but My concern is, do they read them? I mean, from the history books I read about Goblins, growing up and being taught by my grandparents, they eat flesh from humans, but we are supposed to treat them as humans according to the mechanical King. I mean the goblins seemed pretty full of themselves last month but this month they seem pretty angry. The new must be wearing off since people are beginning to be disgusted at the King now. I mean I may not be the most knowledgeable person in the Kingdom, but I have a sixth sense when it comes to dangers and those things are a danger to the Kingdom. Aside from this, now more than ever I want my Pappy home. We need him, the family has grown and my Sisters needs taught the things our family has learned from our elders. We did manage to visit the Trinsic prison only to learn the laws are not always fair. Gran Pappy had been there, the reason why seemed dumb but regardless he is still in Prision just not Trinsic prison, he had been sent to Yew prison. As sisters we made it to Yew unnoticed by the henchmen.  Blowing sleeping powders into the wardens face we managed to slip past him, with the protection bubble we also made it past the guards. As I began to hollar his name I could hear him answer, he was kept on the lower level of the prison. Stepping up to the bars I could see his face, and a tear slowly ran down my face, looking at my sisters I know they don't have the feelings I do; they never knew him. The kind man who taught me most of what I know, the man who picked me up when I fell, the man who taught be if I fail to get right back up and try harder. As he touched my cheek with his calloused hand that feeling that everything would be alright overwhelmed me. At this point I drew strength from knowing he was still here and that my mission now would be getting him out of here, regardless of what it takes. The cell was locked, and the guard kept trying to listen to our conversation and looking at us oddly, I knew it was time to leav before we to found ourselves behind bars or until the henchmen found us here. Looking at him all I could say was, " We will be back ! And we will get you out of here", he grabbed my hand and spoke the words, " You have a cousin she is Nobility from New Magincia, she too is upset with the politics of Britainia " as he smiled and said' "she is also a locksmith, go and find her, her name is Serendipity". Quietly we slipped out of the prison and as I cast the gate to go home, the thought came to mind, it will get better.....

Trickery, they say eh. Well, don't think I ain't got no tricks up my sleeve, as well. Slipping away I caught up with Governor Gaven, my Sisters can manage helping Trinsic while I go get our family from being wrongfully thrown in jail. I mean since when is streaking and uncommon practice, I heard tales of a girl used to do that all the time not even that long ago. Catching up to Gaven I flutter my eyes at his snowy skinned face. What a Man. Accompanying him to Yew we go to have a nice chat with the Warden, luckily I had tucked away a bottle of my finest Moonshine in my boot, slipping the pretty purple bottle from my boot the wardens eyes fixed on the bottle. After a few drinks, I bluntly ask, " Can I please get my Gran Pappy out of jail, he is behind bars for streaking down the street and slapping a horse on the butt cause he thought it was a woman, yes perhaps he was somewhat drunk but I really just need him to come home", Blinking my eyes as I look at Gavan handing the man money. Then low and behold the warden rises from his chair saying "wait here"........

Gaven sat there solemnly, the most quiet I had heard him since I laid eyes on him. I began to worry, was this a trick, were they coming back to incarcerate me as well. My gaze did not move from Gavan, hoping at some moment he would turn to look over at me. Was this a man's way of playing hard to get? Pft, tilting my head backwards all I can think about is I want Gran Pappy out of here and I want to go home. My family needs to be together, and I need off these most uncomfortable wooden chairs, not even padded chairs. This was one city I really did not want to be in. Suddenly the screech of the wooden chair next to me being pushed back from the desk as Gavan rose from his chair, and the door flew open and stepping into the room was Gran Pappy. As the jailor shoved him down into the chair at the other end of the desk before me, a smile came upon my face and my heart soared, this man was more than just my grandfather, he was the man who cared for me as i grew up, like a father should. Still standing Gavan shook hands with the warden who had stepped into the room after Gran Pappy entered. Words were being said between the two men, none of which I was actually listening to, I was too excited to be with my Pappy. All the time he was gone I had concocted the story the gators ate him, but in reality, here he was standing before me, a bit thin and old but he was alive thank goodness. As the warden read off a list of rules for Pappy to follow, i listened intently, " First we need you to give us your word there will be no more streaking, at least within the citys and no more flirtation with farm animals. People do not want their horses slapped while they are riding them, as you know that horse took off and the paladin who was riding it was thrown off into Trinsic City Lake, he was quite upset over that" , *as the warden looked up from the papers he was looking at to Pappy* he began to speak again "You do realize that metal they wear rusts right?" all while Pappy continued nodding his head. This cheesey smile consumed my face and my mind was racing. I get to take him home yay. Then the warden looked to me and began, "and as for you, please make sure he is kept an eye on he is getting old, hard of hearing and feeble. Also make sure he checks in monthly at the Trinsic prison to talk with his parole officer. Do you understand if he does not a warrant will be issued, and we will come and get him. Do you understand?" looking at the warden with that still cheezing smile I nod my head and mumble the words "Yes Sir". One thing I can credit my Granny and Pappy for was they taught me manners. "So is that all? Can I take him home now?", I ask. " Yes Miss, you may take him home" the warden says,and I grab my Pappys hand as my spell is cast and we walk through the gate to Home.              

Settling Pappy back into his home built upon among the ruins of Paws. He seemed different, I know he is much older, and his health is prolly not the best, but I do hope that he gets back to his old self soon. Before he even sits down, he goes directly to his footlocker and opens it, popping the liner from the lid of the chest he reveals a hidden compartment and a picture painted of a lovely lady falls onto the floor. Reaching down to pick it up I ask, " who is this beautiful lady, it almost looks like Granny" taking the painting from my hands he softly smiles and says " It is your Granny, back when she was young during the time your Mother was a child" he walks over and props the painting on a shelf near his bed. " I have thought of that painting the whole time I was in jail, and I want to see it every night before I go to bed now" he warmly looks at me, " Your sister you brought to the jail, she looks like her " as he slowly sits on the edge of his bed. " Do you need anything or are you hungry?" I ask as he replies, " No I just want to rest right now and when I wake up maybe we can have some BBQ gator, ya think?" smiling at the words he spoke I nod and say " most definitely we shall. " As he lays his head on his pillow, I bend over to gently kiss his forehead, "I love you so much Pappy, get some rest I will check on you in a few hours.
Walking back to the docks at the Apothecary I'm thinking about how much Cadence and I look like Pappy and now we have a sister who looks like Granny. My memory of our Mother was faint sometimes I think about her, wondering why things had turned out as they had, but we were together now, and it was time to move forward.


Jaden Rain
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