Champion Challenge (2023/3/15)

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The governors of Yamato would like to announce you that the upcoming event named "Champion Challenge" which is scheduled as below. This event is for all the tamers including very beginners and veterans. Please come over to Yamato and join this event if you are interested in!

/ Date & Time: 2023/3/15 22:00~(JST)
/ Starting Location: Yamato Luna Gate  -> Rooftop Arena/Player's House @Yamato Felucca
/ Event: one-on-one match (Champion's Pet vs Challenger's Pet) 

* We will support you in Japanese and English during the event. 

Since the introduction of pet training in 2017,almost all tamers have experienced pet training (as have I). The necessary and useful information for pet training has been shared with everyone, accumulated among the tamers, and it seems to us that there exists a collective knowledge in Britannia to which every one easily access when he/her needs it  via this forum or the other platforms.

In this climate where there seems to be no more discovery, we met a veteran tamer. She seems to be a seeker of ultimate tamer. She takes the pet training more seriously than us (maybe than any other)  and tries to have new discoveries and new insights on the pet training every day. We were thrilled with what she does and how she thinks. We wanted to honor her knowledge and experience by preparing this event.

The purpose of event is not to see whose pet is the strongest, Instead, we would like you to verify the effectiveness of pet training with all the participants of this event, It would be great if you could enjoy the event from the following perspectives (See Example) and  use the insights gained from this event in your pet training.
 #1 "Is the pet training that you have always done by yourself effective?" 
#2 "How much/far does pet-training make our pets stronger?"

<Rules #1-#5> 

Champion Profile: YUI-METAL and her pet that won the cu sidhe competition in Yamato in the past. Her cu sidhe has the chivalry skill  and has been more tuned up for this event.  

#1. Challenger can bring any types of pets to this event. 
* any pets with discordance skill are not allowed.

#2. Challenger are registered as a friend of at the Player's House at the begging of the event.
Please understand this registration is just for the event and the registration is elimated after the event  

#3. Challengers and Champion can only say the commands "Guard" and "Kill" ,only these two words before the match starts.

#4. Challenger and Champion can say the command "stop" or "follow" or say in word-typing "I give up" 
or take an action of mounting the pet when the match do not goes in your favor and you would like to stop the match   

#5. Governors will judge the pet with higher HP than the other as the winner and stop the match when the match continues more than 10 minutes.

We look forward to seeing you in the event!
Please give it a try by all means ;)


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