I am not in VvV why do I get VvV penalized? Also VvV seems like dumbed down factions...

I am just a red player that pretty much attacks all parties, how come when I die to VvV players I receive the VvV penalty of Stat Loss?

Also why does VvV have no sides? It just appears to be a free for all not some Vice versus Virtue shit.

4 Factions was way better, I loved that all 4 factions had there own colors, own bases, factions had different amounts of players, and not every player did it for free cheap gear it was a fun time. This VvV has really killed the faction experience, it is just normal PvP now and everyone does it for cheap artifacts.

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  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,182
    Were you not around for the multiple demands 'factions is broken' 'fix factions' that the developers were inundated with?
    Factions was acknowledged to be broken, so broken in fact that it couldn't be fixed. VvV was devised as a replacement.  Like pretty much everything in game, it works fine for some people, but not for everyone. Pleasing everyone is an impossible task.
  • MervynMervyn Posts: 2,208
    you must have flagged them first, as a plus side, they would also be in stat if they died to you.

    They do have sides, each guild/alliance is a side, this is so enemy players cannot troll by joining your “side”
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  • DavoDavo Posts: 46

    u wont be the last person to say this about vvv. ruined game play for many but a lot of them are gone or don't do fel stuff like in the past. we don't need vvv or factions to fight, just make fair. includes both clients.

    yes it sucks when they send a blue vvv person in while doing the boss/champ. u attack/defend champ but then turn orange now rest come in to/and kill lol. in vvv everyone else is your enemy now. if u hunt with a vvv person in fel and heal them, u will turn orange along with every else. then u may accidently start attacking each other with summons, pets off area affect spells. this screws all non vvv members but what can u do. if your solo or in small group, gl fighting lol.  

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