Auction Safes Completely Broken

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Been over 2 days still getting the message 'You must wait xxx seconds before starting a new auction.' All current safes with items are stuck 'auction ended' waiting to auto-renew but never do. All auction safes without anything on them I own are broken and can't even put a new item up for sale over 24 hours later.

I will be slow to reply because I cannot log in/stay logged in to the forums. Just remember I'm always right before you reply to my posts.

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Vendor search rendered useless after Publish 106 – Forsaken Foes on August 14, 2019.


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    “They didn’t include auction safes in the vet reward pack for the publish that had a change to that one vet reward, so unless a player happened to ship one over to test… 
    probably not”
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    so people are going to have to take a day off work to just to use auction safes.  100 safes (many players have many more than 100), 500mins, putting one item up every 5 mins is over 8 hours of just waiting for timers.  thats if the timers actually expire correctly.  which right now isnt even happening.
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