Can we get a possibility to completely remove refinements?

When you wear at least one piece which used a refinement, the +5 resist effect from stoneform is completely negated. Any chance we can get an item or option to completely remove refinements, please? Ty.


  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    edited February 2023
    "actually this is not quite true, one moment i will find the bug report with some info

    edit: here

    basically if you counter the refinement with another refinement and have net 0 dci the stone form resists are retained, remember you can always re-refine a piece so you can make it -1 and +1 if that's easier

    the stone form will actually stack with refinements, here elven char,
    i have physical - 2
    energy -2
    fire + 4

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  • DrowyDrowy Posts: 128
    I didnt know or test that exact possibility. I can confirm that it works and it solves my problem, tyvm.
  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 1,765
    This seems like more bugginess from mystic spells rather than an issue with refinements 
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