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Bug/Change request

"This is quite a complicated spell . So may make for difficult reading if you don't fully understand the way the reflect pool works.

The way the spell magic reflect works, there is no way to switch off the spell once casted when being harassed in combat - even with protection (save using a talisman of ward removal on yourself which takes off all buffs)
Because the spell reflect pool must be at maximum pool when you recast the spell to turn off the effect,

however if someone is depleting the pool, the spell will be stuck on.

suggested result: for spell to just come off once reflective pool reaches 0
this would mean you don't have to constantly mouse over your magic reflect buff to see if there's any left in the pool,
Also currently if you recast the spell at somewhere between 1%-99% of your maximum spell pool, the spell pool gets reduced to 0? reflect pool should be refreshed upon recasting if you're not under cooldown.

Also, if spell worked this way, a cooldown check could be made prior to spell casting instead of after"
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