Good Morning to the Fens

Sitting on the board walk at my market, life seems to stand still, the sea pushing the trash onto the shore is the reminder life pushes on. The sun was smiling as it rose this morning a good morning to reflect on life. Standing I begin to walk the coast, kicking a can that had washed up on shore, it seems to entertain me for the moment. Why are people so wrapped up in their own needs and desires and not see the bigger picture. We live in a world ruled by a King, a King whose had one heck of a colorful past. From his friendship with King British, to British death or disappearance, to mechanical beings then to the newer Kings death but was he really dead because he is back now. Maybe I need a history lesson or two, but I watch every month as Governors seem to trust him believe him and Oh yes he is a dashing looking feller and perhaps mesmerizing but is he really working for the good of the people. The Kingdom is in Chaos, while Blackthorns over there chewing his bubble gum. So truely, is the Yew rebellion a real rebellion or is it just some ploy of Blackthorns to disrupt our lives. Missing Governors, and why? Is there some dark secrets we all just don't know or see? Thank God I live in a city of honor at least I can trust life here, but my life is changing, ever since my sister found me, my magical power grows and it seems hers does as well. There is magic here in the Fens, I feel it it keeps me here growing with it. The magic from my ancestors seem to fuel my power when I make trips to the tiny graveyard near the edge of the Fens, great power I can feel there and for some reason this makes me feel its my ancestors. Magics I don't fully understand, so perhaps I need schooling, something I have never experienced, yet now may be the time to look into this. A trip to possibly to speak to the most powerful mages in the Kingdom at the Lycaeum. For now I must get things in order here, possibly sew up some extra VooDoo Dolls. Still kicking the can I noticed I had walked a ways from the market, right out of the swamps, standing in front of Galehaven Tavern with a big sigh and tilting my head to look up at the Tavern sign I debate do I go in, will they allow me to be inside, after all I am a Witch and not always accepted by the ordinary, Looking to the Sun still barely in the sky I realize its still early morning, bit early for drinks but what the heck why not. Maybe slip some Toad Juice into a keg or two.
Jaden Rain


  • So, my coven begins, my sister and I, together our powers are stronger, could you imagine if there were more of us, a larger coven. I did notice with the spell for Scar the power a group that believes in you can do, and they did not even realize they were like a coven to me pushing the power and magic that cured his affliction, sucking the energy of magic within them together to cast that spell. With a group that actually practiced magic, that could be a great and powerful thing. Is that what gave Mondain his power, all the people forming a type of coven that believed he was a great and powerful wizard. Yet I am an outcast to many because I am a witch, a misfit and if I gathered all the outcasts and misfits together, we would be a force to be reconned with. Just morning thoughts as I sit sipping my coffee in the deck chair looking out to the ocean a direct view of the sunrise. This was my most heightened part of the day for my magics, after a rest and energizing from my coffee, or as I call it, my bean tea. Many tasks ahead of me, wonder which pays the most, locating the missing Dragon Lady, or helping Yew or actually helping the Yew Governor, then there's schooling I need from the mages, this however I have come to realize won't just be from the Moonglow mages but even the darker magics which means a trip to Umbra and visiting some necromancers, schooling was not a money making project but it would be quite valuable. At least I can check one thing off my list, curing a werewolf.

    ~ By Phoebe
    Jaden Rain
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