Treasure event drops tweak request


I have what I would hope would be a small request to tweak an aspect of the drops for Treasure's events...

While I participate in the treasures events to collect items to turn in for rewards... I also, like many players, collect certain items for display suits.  Most commonly are the bone and human platemail sets.  However, I also have several characters I like to play during the events, like a disco tamer, a mystic spellweaver or a paladin thrower.  My conflict comes in because all 3 of those templates often play best as a gargoyle.

Currently, drops for gargoyles are restricted to only gargoyle pieces, while humans/elfs are restricted to non-gargoyle gear. 

My tweak request would be to add a toggle to the reward giver that would allow players to toggle between the two versions.  Humans/elfs could toggle to gargoyle drops and gargoyles could toggle to human/elf drops.

Thanks in advance for considering it.
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