Heartwood crafter quests - runic tools question

YoshiYoshi Posts: 2,402
edited December 2022 in Skills and Stats
"Last time i did carpentry quests in heartwood i got runic tools sometimes.

But no mention that this is possible to obtain on wiki

I tried doing metal quests today, did not get any runics at all,
it's possible to get runic hammers from Blacksmith crafter quests in heartwood?

I think also Bowcraft quests you can get runic tools

What about tailor, it's possible?"

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  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,402Moderator
    Tailor and Blacksmith runic tools have always been a reward from bulk order deeds, therefore they were not included in Heartwood quest rewards.
    I regret the error in not mentioning the possibility of runic tools from carpentry and bowcraft. I will amend that, although now they are possible in the same way as tailor and smith, from bulk orders, in a much more reliable and predictable way.
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