Running for Governor of Britain

Good Evening Great Lakes! My name is Riner, and I want to be your next Governor of Britain! For those that don't know me, I am a full-time member of this Great community, and can most often be found either as Riner, on my sampire Blackhawk, or possibly my crafter The Hand of God. I'm currently serving as an Emissary with Guild of Friends. I believe that Britain should be a vibrant and active City and to this end I will be holding regular events in Britain. This will be done with the promised support of the Guild of Friends and it's members. These will also feature many nice prizes, including vet rewards, rewards from the UO store, rare drops, and deco items, to name some. I also plan on making use of the Governor's privilege of granting unique City titles to residents which might be interested. Overall, I believe these changes will allow Britain to enhance the Great Lakes community and provide for local entertainment. Change is never easy and to accomplish this change I need the help of everyone in Sosaria! Voting is to be held the 9th of December through the 15th of December, to vote you need to be a respected member of the City of Britain. It takes 5K ingots to become a respected citizen and vote. If you need the ingots, someone will be by the City Trade Minister periodically to distribute them, or you can contact any of the Guild of Friend Emissaries. I'll need everyone's help to win so please consider voting in Britain!
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