Luck Abomination skull non-public

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The item in the microscope today is the Lucky Abomination Skull which came with Treasures of Wildfire event.Cost was 75 magical items, but it came with a bug. Only the owner can use it and not visotors or other friends of the house. There is no setting to make it public.

Problem: No setting on the skull so only the owner can use it (Not even friends of the house)
Shard:  probably all shards, but in this case Europa.
WHAT DID YOU DO TO TRY SOLVE IT???:  I released it, then locked it down, released it and secure this. no difference in the menu for this particular item.

Solution:  This is how the menu should look like:

And then all my friends and family can use the item, eweybody windz!

Together we make the game greater!

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