Returning Player

Hail all,

I have just returned to UO after many years. Legends was my home shard back to Age of Shadows, past Mondains Legacy and I had just met the Gargoyles before I became distracted in other realms. 

Upon return (it has been only a couple weeks) I first went to the Atlantic shard, but found it too crowded for my tastes. Feels right to be back in Legends, but I noticed its population seems way lower than I had hoped.

I plan to stick around, however. In game my characters belong to the Grayhawk Family. We have planted a tower east of Britain and across the water from the Orc Fort nearest Cove. 

I would like to find others to explore with, may consider a guild. Hope to see more people in the world over the next couple weeks. 

Oh, I noticed a gathering the evening of November 22 in Britain. Is there a standing schedule for these events or another place to find schedules? I arrived at the end as people were departing and would like to get to know some of my shard mates.

Thanks for your time.


  • HippoHippo Posts: 276
    Welcome home to Legends! Right now, I am - like many others - working the Deceit dungeon for Event drops.  Many nice rewards, check the NPC out front to see what is available and how many drops it will cost. Legends is but one of the five shards I am currently playin on - ATL, Chessy, Origin and SP are the other four.
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