Having iussues with Logging in.

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My Friend is having issues logging in after logging out  where he gets error message saying that the server is having problems syncing with the world please close and restart your client.  He goes through that for about 15 to 20 Attempts before being able to login again.   I hear of 2 people for sure having this issue  One of them is from Minnesota.  I dont know if it is a regional thing as I am not having this issue.   It happens in both the Classic Client and the Enhanced Client.

He has uninstalled the game files and reinstalled the game from a fresh download from uo.com  and checked his drivers to make sure they were all up to date.   He runs a speed test with his internet to make sure there is no problems there  getting 100 MBPS downloads  and 40 MBPS uploads.      

I have emailed Mesanna about this but have yet to get a response.   Does anyone know what else could be wrong so we can resolve this issue.  


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    “It’s problem with your internet service provider I think.”
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  • I have the same issue. Started right after daylight saving time ended. doublechecked date and time . It affects different accounts , different operating systems, different internet connections. One thing have noticed is that when list of servers come up, every server from Somona on up will have latency of three and everything after will have just two. No matter how long I wait, it remains that way. When I try to enter a shard I will get the message and then all the shards will be at 3.
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