EM Rainstormer is moving IRL update.

EM RainstormerEM Rainstormer Posts: 117Event Moderator

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am moving cross country. I am leaving November 6th to start my journey. With that being said you will not seem me around until mid-to the end of November! I do not want to make any promises as I have to wait till I get there to set up internet ect so there probably will not be any events in November. I cannot wait to get settled in and back to creating exciting content for all of you. I have some really exciting ideas and can't wait to see you all again!

EM Rainstormer


  • Safe travels Rainstormer and thank you for the 'news'. If we don't see you before Thanksgiving then we wish you a Blessed Thanksgiving Day!

    *cookie hug*
    *A Cookie A Day Keeps The Blues Away*
  • OnixiaOnixia Posts: 86
    Safe journeys my friend.  We will keep Origin safe till your return.  Happy Thanksgiving Day from myself and NPH.  We look forward to your excellent events in December.  Maybe Messanna will let you have two drops nights because you had to miss November...wink wink
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