Gloriously stupid potion

OK I bought a bunch of the potions so I could get advanced drops for the new dungeon. Well, I got a lot of potions, but what I find really infuriating is that without those potions you barely get any drops at all. I was at the bottom of the dungeon and was killing mass amounts of mobs and after an hour I got only 3 drops?!?!?! I am all for getting a ton of drops with the potion but to make that you HAVE to buy them is a bit crazy-making and pisses me off.


  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,223
    Rub the Luck Statue when you use the potion.
    How many drops do you normally get in an hour?
    I get double normal drop amount when using potion.

    What shard allows you to stay on 1 floor for an hour? 

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  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 2,101
    They would be worth it if the spawn was heavier 
  • RinerRiner Posts: 374
    I will stay on 1 floor on Great Lakes until I get bored most often the 3rd floor. Not to say there aren't others on the floor, simply that the mobs respawn enough to keep killing continually. Not sure what template you're playing but I consistently average 8 - 12 drops an hour without a potion. I also do not use luck even a luck statue, and I kill the para's I come across or they kill me. The one exception is normally armors which I will run to the far end of the floor and leave there, unless I get assistance. They just take too damn long. 
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    We posted these at the sticky post on top of forum.

    For my case using a sampire:
    Averaged 10 with low or no luck.
    Up to 20 for 1635 luck (tested).
    Up to 35 with potion.

    Conclusion is that the potion is expensive as 200 sov gives only 15 more drops. Need 2 potions to claim the 50 drop reward.
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  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 2,101
    I'm playing on cats using many different types with little to lots of luck and only ave 4 or so an hour 
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 2,232
    I've found that on ATL it is heavily dependent on when you play (ie how many people are on). I'm typically a morning player which is the worst time to play this time around. There are enough players to actively kill spawn so they aren't just sitting around but there aren't enough to bump the spawn up.

    My drops have been better when I log on around now (9pm EST) because there are much more ppl which will increase the spawn. I have yet to play a dead shard so can't speak to how drops would fair there compared to ATL.

    That said, I totally agree that without a luck potion/luck statue the drops are waaaaay to low. The problem for me is that I'm killing around the same amount of spawn so getting 15/hr vs 35-40/hr with luck is way too imbalanced when you are killing the same exact amount.
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