We're never going to see New Legacy

Empires have risen and fallen in shorter time.. We're talking about server set with new rules and some reverse engineering to restore UO to classic 97 mode... The dev silence (that last newsletter was a joke with no milestones.... at all)   indicates i think they ran into some serious hurdles on a coding level.  After digging thru 30 year old code thats probably been touched by 1000+ developers in its lifecycle, it has turned into a monumental undertaking.  You could have created UO2 in shorter time. 
2 outcomes
  1. New Legacy is done before EA permanently shuts down UO
  2. New Legacy is cancelled
I tend to think the latter.


  • Garth_GreyGarth_Grey Posts: 1,453
    1000+ developers is a ridiculous statement and dimishes the value of your post exponentially...
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  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,334
    Think 1,000 may have been intended as a more of a cynical statement rather than an accurate one. But have to wonder how much of program’s original organization still exists.  Am guessing numerous programmers have modified this program since the 90’s and that not all of the changes were well documented.  Would guess UO’s program is a nightmare to work with a this point but that is only a guess.  Don’t really have the time commitment for New Legacy so don’t mind it’s being put off.  Do have to wonder though how much longer EA will support UO.  Don’t play other games anymore so don’t really know what UO is competing with.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,230
    If it is UO 97, may as well stop now.  Been there done that, entertains for about 20 mins.
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  • usernameusername Posts: 736
    They would have done financially better just developing for UO and updating the clients than doing the new game.  These cookie cutter events and lack of new content have made so many people that I know quit. By the time they release the new game half of their target audience, current UO population, will have quit lmao.

    The better option is #3: it comes out 7 years later (I believe it was mentioned at the 20th so we're close) and it's a major flop, then #2 happens.
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  • WhitewolfWhitewolf Posts: 191
    the fact that they can't or won't fix the bugs that are currently in the game, some have been around for years makes it so i have no hope for new legacy at all.
  • TheoTheo Posts: 179
    I have to agree here.  No screen shots. No small videos.  Nothing to show any progress.  I think its just a mirage at this point.    
  • I have had a sneaking suspicion that the unstated intent of NL was to create a new modern server without the spaghetti issues of current ones and once it was stable and working as they wished, it would be slowly rolled out to replace the existing servers in order to prolong the life of the game. If this were true, then they probably have run into more than they could handle. But, that is probably a long shot & people would most likely hate it anway.
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