Jhelom calls its citizens to make themselves heard!

TanagerTanager Posts: 634
One of my first duties as the new Governor of Jhelom was to arrange a trade deal with the Merchant's Guild. Everyone can use an extra MR2, right? However, there is a ballot box atop the city stone with a poll. Citizens of Jhelom, please vote to keep the trade the same, or if you want it changed. If you want something different, please vote and then write your preferred choice in a book and give it to the City Cryer, standing beside the City Stone. (Please note, this is NOT a Town Cryer, but the City Cryer specific to Jhelom.) I will tally these books when the poll is ended (in a little over 6 days).


If any citizen would like a title granted to them (this is a subtitle directly below your name, above and in addition to any other displayed subtitles, and will say Of Jhelom after it), just let me know in GC or give a note to the City Cryer with a time that is good for you and most likely I can be available.

Other shards of the Gem have implemented a new bulletin board system. This has not yet arrived for Siege, but be assured that the oversight has been mentioned to the powers that be.

In May, there should be at least one player event taking place in the City of Jhelom! If you have any suggestions or requests, please give a book to the City Cryer.

That is all for now - carry on, citizens (and anyone interested in becoming a citizen or just enjoying the fun!)
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