Table runner

What do you use to make a table runner on the stone tables? Plz help 


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    as the tables are only one tile wide, I don't think there's anything in game narrow enough to work.
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    My try using 2 stone tables side by side and the small carpets from the anniversary gift tokens ? 
  • I‘ve used goza mats, but there is a better way. Dye the carpet tile with the circular motif white and you have lace.
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    I’d like to see pics of what @Tracywicks is asking for you can float carpets to create a runner. Not like the deed table with a runner but close. 
  • If you place 2 or more 3-tile wide tables back to back you can place a carpet tile in the center of each table giving you the runner look.

    In the first photo I was too lazy to change my old design to do the above but placed a carpet piece in the center of a 3-tile table to show you how it centers.

    In the second photo I carpeted all the tables to get the complete coverage.

    In the third photo I used different colored stone tables. You could choose to have the end tables the same color and just the center a different color.

    Hope this helps.

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    "maybe dye one of these stone colored"

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