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After a few weeks of this event I would like to say thanks for all the improvements over past ToT events. Although I long for the time when New Legacy isn’t the focus and more creativity can be shown, rather then simple wash and repeat events, this one has shown many improvements. The dungeon pick seems thoughtful of both the population and time of year. The drop rate seems appropriate not crazy but not overly slow. The length of the event is nice allowing plenty of time to acquire drops. The rewards seem well thought out with a good combination of useful new items and repeated items from the past. The inclusion of new technology to monitor and punish those suspected of AFK seems to be a good start to cleaning up the environment. Finally, the new restrictions placed on EJ accounts during this event are great.
        This event isn’t perfect some more tuning is still needed but it’s a good start. I would suggest that the timing could be better, we had a summer without activity only to have a number  of fall/winter events running at the same time. The AFK monitor definitely needs some tuning as it seems to catch some players not AFK, but the punishment is reasonable. A better way to catch those running scripts and suspending them. And really more creativity in the events would be greatly appreciated.
         Thank you @Mesanna, @Bleak, @Misk, @Kyronix


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    Have to agree this one Is much more playable than the last.  Anyone with a reasonable template should be able to play this one.  Some templates will do better than others, of course, but I see casters, fighters and tamers all doing pretty well against everything inside.  Really like not having larger than life paras everywhere.  Really enjoy playing this one, and not having to be constantly dealing with paras having endless hit points.
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    I remember or think i do that last time it was in deceit that each time we cleared the floor the next wave was stronger. 
    Acknowledgment and accountability go a long way... 
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    I like that I can provoke and it sticks this time. Gets the paras off me.
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    Mit said:
    I like that I can provoke and it sticks this time. Gets the paras off me.
    Yes being a bard good i just swap mystic for mage and good to go
    Acknowledgment and accountability go a long way... 
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    Cannot remember if I have clearly said it somewhere else, but here seems to be the positive place to say it.

    Yes, the event is cool, it's fun, our whole guild is in there which is nice, we love the reward choice and selection, I think the thought process going into the rewards is really good now. I like that it goes on until Christmas, we have busy lives, and that gives us time to join in, life goes unbelievably fast.

    Re the drama, I love drama, most of that is just making me laugh, none of it has affected me badly ingame, it never does - and to be fair, the more successful something is, the more drama you will get so it is a good indicator of how well this is going, and how much the players are tuning into it.

    Thank you to the Team for this one.

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