First day back since 2008-9 HELP! lol

MoManMoMan Posts: 1
I just got back and saw that a friend I had played with many years ago still owns a house at my rune location.  I have no way to attempt to get in contact with her, so I need some assistance please!

Her name is Anne Nomilly

If anyone knows her and can get her a message from me: Twinkie, Archerette, Uber Mule, Anilaekim and Iza Spellmage.  I would deeply appreciate it!!!!!


  • She's still active on the Stratics forums. I sent her a PM there pointing her to this post.
    Better known by many as Gildar, Sahra Swift, and Zah'Qim.
  • Thanks for the head's up guys! I found him!!! Love my friends who are coming back! <span>:smile:</span>
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