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Just reading the forums and listening to people talk in game and on discord... I gotta say, you guys seriously seem to have missed the plot altogether, lmao.

You've been given dozens of very practical solutions by some pretty creative people, so it's baffling how not a single one of those solutions has made it into the game but instead the absolute catastrophic failure we as players are witnessing is happening. Are you so against making use of our suggestions that you'd simply rather over-complicate everything in some nonsensical way? The sheer number of false positives popping up has gotten to the point where it's now just player griefing but by staff, rofl.

I personally suggested over a year ago and recently methods that made use of existing ingame mechanics which would have required very little effort on your end development wise to adapt them over and would have made afk/botting the event not only harder for the culprit but also would have made policing it more of a matter of murphy's law.

I really just don't know with you guys anymore, I really do try hard to understand things from your perspective, to understand that there is a reason for every action or inaction. But I just don't know anymore, it's a very difficult mindset to maintain anymore. In my personal experience, I've beta tested for and worked closely with development teams for dozens of different games in the past, and I'm not talking about the current wave of games with their pay to enter early access nonsense that fail every week. But in that time I have never, ever, seen so much potential just blatantly dismissed or completely wasted. We may not be the nicest community of players, but we do deserve better than this.

I just don't know anymore, lol.


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    UO is dealing with players abusing EJ accounts, and Deceit is much better controlled than Destard was.  You can ague about the appropriate level of difficulty but I am thinking the average player enjoys this dungeon much better than the last.  The rewards may also be much better thought out than the last based on what I have read here.  The improvements here indicate the developers are listening to what players say.  I believe making drops account bound was suggested first in this forum.  I agree with you the player base could be better utilized to help improve the game but cannot agree that UO is not listening to what players say.  Also agree developers could respond a little more often to some of the issues brought up in this forum.

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    Come to LS and see how many players are having fun.  Crank up the spawn on LS @Kyronix ; I dare ya.  :D

    Open Fel on LS it will be used and Cossack wont have to deal with me annoying him.

    This sounds like very specific issue. You should email the team with your "solutions".  
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    I suggest you begin an in-depth dialogue via email with the developers detailing your proposed solutions, as they are unlikely to go into a technical explanation on this forum. If they have time they might, perhaps, point out their reasons for not implementing your suggestions.
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