Bonded 5 slot fire beetle was deleted (went poof)

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An FYI in case this happens to others.  Make sure you note the object ID of your pets somewhere.  Not sure if this is specific to mountable pets.

  • Was with fire beetle in deceit crypt area.  Pet was not mounted and mostly scrolled to 120s.
  • Recalled back home.  Pet did not follow.
  • Re-logged in, pet did not return.
  • Pet not in stable.
  • Paged GM, GM suggested logout/login in inn.  Still no pet.
  • Provided name of pet, and objectID of pet.  GM could not locate.
  • Mentioned to GM pet should be in backup, and should be possible to locate via objectID.
  • GM mentioned will escalate to devs.

Will report back on what I hear. 

This case may be interesting, as I happened to have the objectID of the pet (stored in EC character file for a macro), so there is likely no reason this pet couldn't be located and recovered from backup.


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    “Was it attacking a paragon? I lost a pet that way during the ToT ice event”
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    If the UO staff wants to contact me via PM, I can show you what and where this happened, using the exact pet, on TC1.
    • I have several copies of the character and the stables, including the deleted pet. (the character was copied there several times before the deletion event).
    • In deceit, was in the crypt area where there appears to be line of site problems on the ledge.
    Of course, the pet could also be analyzed and restored from what you see on TC1 as an option too.  I suspect if you searched all the production shards, it's unlikely you'll find a pet with matching attributes..
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    What were its attributes
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    I can show a Blaze Cu in my stable on TC.  Can I get one on my home shard?
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    Most people will likely agree UO still exists today as it's has a "persistence" characteristic, and an expectation that things don't just get deleted for unexpected reasons.  Scrolled and trained pets represent an investment (time to train, acquiring scrolls, etc), and for some, a type of connection.

    @Pawain, I can't tell if you read the first part of this thread.  It clearly calls out the potential of restoring the pet from a production shard backup.  The way to exactly identify the pet (by objectID) - I already provided.  Your reference to TC implies you may not have understood why I referenced TC -- it provides a unique opportunity to reproduce the problem, as the exact pet happens to be present there.  I call these things out in case others are confused, too.

    Most people that have done a backup of their PC know they can typically pick-and-choose what to restore.  You need not restore the entire system backup.  You can think of the objectID of my pet, in the production shard backup, as an exact non-conflicting file name, which makes it easy to find.  It's also possible to verify that pet exists nowhere else (except test center), if somebody happens to think I'm trying to game a free pet here (silly!).  The comment regarding restoring an entire shard from backup, raised in the recent meet & greet, is quite strange, and corresponds to no asked question.

    If broadsword really doesn't have the technical capability to inspect/extract specific objects from a backup, my recommendation is you retain a backup from before I reported this problem, and work on fixing that limitation.  It's also possible broadsword simply doesn't want to explore this, as it may be "dangerous" precedent setting.   It seems to be more of a "won't" than a "can't" from where I sit as a customer.

    The meet and greet notes (link) seem to imply that some attempt has been made to reach me regarding reproducing this problem.  That has not happened before the meet and greet, nor after the meet and greet (no emails, no PM's here, no replies on this message). 

    Moreover, my email sent on October 18th received no reply (automated or otherwise).  I also PM'd mesanna here.  No response, and further digging seems to indicate mesanna is not active here (so not likely to read messages?).  I'm sorry to have to call this out so bluntly, but I've done what I can.

    heck, even looking at the pet and re-imbursing the scrolls would be a better response.  Or offering other in-game virtual items.  As it stands now, I may have to do some complex calculation to assign a value to the deleted pet, and convert an account to EJ for some period.

    A broadsword team member is still welcome to PM me here to reproduce the problem and/or address this issue..


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    @ForeverFun ; it looks like you talked to Mesanna at the meet and greet, she told you what to do, Have you done that?  Why do you think that arguing points with us is going to change anything.

    Mesanna told you face to face they will not change the procedures.

    I have a Bane and Blaze Cu on TC right now for testing, I have nether on a live shard. Having a pet on TC proves nothing.

    Or are you pretending this was an unknown Doppleganger?

    [Giselle]: my first question: How long do you keep the shard/server backups that support rollback when a shard crashes (weeks, months, etc)?
    [Kyronix]: Glad you are having fun!
    [Parallax]: Glad you are enjoying it!
    [Mesanna]: why this question
    [Mesanna]: just curious
    [Giselle]: will get to those details in a second 
    [Mesanna]: Just so you know we will not be changing any of our backup procedures
    [Giselle]: no worries, won't be asking for you to change backup, just wondering how long you keep them?
    [Mesanna]: why
    [Giselle]: Not sure you want to answer, so should I move to next question?
    [Mesanna]: I would like to know why and since you are not answering questions go ahead
    [Giselle]: Bonded pets are getting erroneously deleted, are you interested in reproducing the problem on test center with me (pets that got deleted are on test center, by chance)?
    [Mesanna]: OK you have to understand something
    [Mesanna]: to get a pet back we would have to revert the WHOLE shard
    [Mesanna]: that is not going to happen
    [Giselle]: not true
    [Giselle]: you can lookup the item in the backup
    [Mesanna]: no
    [Mesanna]: we can not
    [Giselle]: it's a database
    [Giselle]: indexed by itemIDs
    [Mesanna]: Anything else?
    [Giselle]: Are you interested in reproducing the pet deletion bug?
    [Mesanna]: If we could get someone to give us details
    [Mesanna]: of course
    [Giselle]: details posted here:
    [Giselle]: Bonded 5 slot fire beetle was deleted (went poof)
    [Mesanna]: but we have asked and tried to reproduce it
    [Mesanna]: if you have steps to reproduce of course
    [Giselle]: I have the exact pet on test center
    [Mesanna]: please email me
    [Giselle]: I'd take the time to reproduce the problem with you, but would need to verify you actually have the code instrumented on TC to catch the issue
    [Giselle]: part of the problem relates to line of site checks
    [Mesanna]: Misk or myself can do it
    [Giselle]: can you PM me on that thread I posted, to arrange a time/date to reproduce?
    [Mesanna]: email us when you have it figured out
    [Mesanna]: anything else
    [Giselle]: I have the exact pet on TC as the character was copied before it was deleted on prod
    [Giselle]: one more question:
    [Giselle]: Any chance you can add the higher resolution kingdom reborn graphics to EC (machine specs have improved alot!), and would you be opposed to a 3rd party releasing an add-in/etc with the kingdrom reborn graphics for the enhanced client?
    [Mesanna]: no
    [Mesanna]: we are going forward not back
    [Giselle]: those graphics are higher resolution ...
    [Giselle]: not opposed to a 3rd party add-in for ec?
    [Mesanna]: we are not going to be redoing all the art and what we did try did not work to our satisfaction
    [Mesanna]: anything else
    [Giselle]: are you opposed to a 3rd party doing an add-in for EC?
    [Mesanna]: Yes it won't work
    [Mesanna]: getting art into UO is a detailed procedure
    [Giselle]: let the 3rd party figure that out, would you be OK if a 3rd party did that?
    [Mesanna]: NO
    [Mesanna]: it is not going to work
    [Mesanna]: have a good evening
  • Pawain, the meet and greet "email us....".  Whether I'm the same person as in the meet and greet isn't really relevant, is it?  I've clearly tried to reach out regarding this posted message here, and receive no reply.

    I'd at least expect some kind of follow up to reproduce/fix the issue.  There's always room to improve procedures too.

    I don't understand what you're trying to defend here, feel free to PM me :)

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    Sorry I do not deal with Multiple Personality Disorder.  

    The person is saying I to Mesanna and linked this thread that YOU made.

    But I will play along, Email Mesanna with a way to reproduce the pet going poof, like the told the "other person".  As you (or someone else) pointed out, she will not reply here.
  • The crux of the issue here is pets being deleted in error, and no apparent replies via multiple communication attempts relative to reproducing the problem (or otherwise). 

    Who reports issue, gender, whether they are joined twins, etc, is really not relevant.

    Just let it be Pawain,

    I'm happy if *anybody* at broadsword reaches out, PM here may be best.

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