5 dex, 10 stam, 4 stam regen, mr 3 studded gloves (1 imbue slot left)


  • ValeriaValeria Posts: 47
    Just a small note from someone who got back in after a decade and have spent a lot of time catching up on imbuing... Even though there's a slot left it's already overweight so I'm not sure it's going to let you imbue anymore properties without lowering the ones you have.  Always have to remember that things like regens are very "heavy" so when you see them on items you think you can squeeze another property on, you likely can't.  I always pop over to this calculator when I find potentially interesting pieces to confirm: https://www.knuckleheads.dk/tools/imbuing/armor

  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 1,342
    Those gloves carry a 488 out of 450 weight.
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