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NPCs are exploiting a bug with the combat flagging system! I will be minding my own business, IN TRAMMEL WHERE I SHOULD BE SAFE FROM SUCH INTENTIONAL GRIEVANCES FYI, and a SEWER RAT WALKS UP TO ME ALL HOSTILY AND JUNK AND BITES ME. Now suddenly I am unable to use vendor search for three minutes just because my character, IN TRAMMEL STILL, punched the living hell out of that rat and turned it into a lootable container.

This happens constantly every day and the dozens of players still playing are left to deal with the inconvenience of being locked out of vendor search for up to 180 seconds every time an NPC decides it wants to grief someone with this absolutely appalling EXPLOIT/BUG.

As a TRAMMEL player, I don't understand why I must incur the unintended affects of exploits via non-consensual combat.


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    The combat timer code should start with is this player in the heat of battle?  If yes.. if no....simple fix
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    we need a rat slayer!!!
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    I hope you got a Rabies vaccine.
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    It has always worked that way.  Stay away from the rat.
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    "actually you mentioned use of vendor search, i don't actually see why being in combat or being outside of a town prevents the use of vendor search (might be to prevent overuse and it becoming overloaded)"
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    Leave vendor search as is. 

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    I would say given that it works most of the time now to just leave it alone.  Don’t know of the logic of having to be in a safe location and having to wait awhile to use it after hitting something but it has probably been that way from day one of vendor search.  It prevents players from doing something to their advantage just like the delayed logout does when you have been in combat.  Pretty sure reasoning for both decisions was lost many years ago.  I don’t have a problem with it.  I am just careful not to kill anything if I know I am intending to use it.  For example when visiting vendors.

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    What about vendors that might have reapers as neighbors or in swamp 
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    Reapers could be a real pain if you have one spawning in your front yard.  Really you should be able to complain about that to an EM and get it moved since they only turned them back on a short time ago.  Don’t know if UO does that but it should.  

    As for the swamp or other areas with lots of aggressive creatures around them,  don’t really have a problem with the games handling of those areas.  Builders knew what they were getting into when they built there and buyers know the risks involved when shopping there.  We had someone build a house with vendors right next to one of those cemetaries in the southern jungles that constantly spawns undead creatures.  Was a real pain shopping there.

    I shop swamp based vendors once in awhile.  Usually I will stealth in and out, or with my regular player, if i don’t want to kill stuff, lead whatever is there off and invis. while shopping and when done recall out.  Think if you step onto the property or go inside things can’t attack you but not positive about that.

    Trammel’s trolls, ogres, swamp rats and similar aggressives are just a part of the countryside.  It would not be UO without them.  Occasionally I will have to deal with one of them when shopping but not that often that I would really complain much about it.  Players have to agree to fight each other in Trammel that is true but game generated creatures are not bound by that rule.

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