Items stocked on vendors from people using EC are not view-able to the CC users

As the title says
When people use the EC to stock vendors it piles everything on top of each other from the CC perspective making it impossible for the CC user to purchase any item that is buried and covered up.

One possible solution would be to give the CC the ability to switch between Grid style containers from the current container style.  



  • AQHFAQHF Posts: 47
    *nods* I use EC and did not know this was an issue until one of my CC-using friends told me. Now I make sure I stock things with Legacy Containers switched on. But it would have been nice to know about the problem from the start, and even better if CC users had their own solution at their fingertips.
  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
    CC seems to be capable of grid coding, as evidenced by the jewelry box and EJ bankbox in CC. This seems like a good fix! Either way tho, one client has to switch to the other to see it. Just one of the major downsides to maintaining 2 very different user interfaces - with both sides wanting the other to be nixed.
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