Value of Looted Armor with HCI/DCI?

Was just hoping someone could help me with the relative value of looted armor with these properties or tell me kind of what to look for when I'm out hunting.  Here are a few example pieces I have for which I'm not sure how to price.  Thanks in advance!


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    Vendors set their own prices for armor and weapons. The prices for each piece you have varies from about 500 gold to over 1 million gold on my shard.  To be honest every one playing a warrior or a caster gets loot of that quality every day.  And, unfortunately the really good drops sell in about the same price range as the ones you have.  It’s very frustrating to have this stuff and to not be able to get anything for it.  Even what is salable at a fair price stays on your vendor forever it seems.

    If you collect this stuff I would recommend considering turning it in for cleanup points, unraveling it to build up your imbuers skill, or selling it to NPCs.  You can get stuff you can sell from the cleanup points.

    I know more about mage armor.  A salable armor piece would have all resists in the teens or higher, LRC of at least 20, lmc of 10, some mana regeneration, and an increase in mana points and a durability of 255 at a minimum.  I would sell that in the 30000 to one million gold price range depending on what other mods it had.  Looking a what you have posted, you should get a piece or two of this quality fairly often.

    On my shard I would put your stuff on my vendor for around 3000 to 8000 gold for each piece and it would take forever to sell.  I check prices on vendor search several times a day and sometimes do targeted searches for specific parameters.  Over time you will develop a feel for setting prices.  I buy low and sell high for about a dozen special items I follow very closely.  Sorry I could not give you a more upbeat answer but that’s the way it is in today’s UO.
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    Just a note: on jewelry 15% hci or dci is fairly common with both being present I think being not uncommon.  Jewelry with both and 25 to 35% damage increase might have some value.  Would think you get pieces like that once in awhile.  Have never evaluated hci or dci on armor.  With your pieces would think having all resists in the teens or better would make them a lot more desirable.  Maybe with the right kinds of regeneration also.

    Also, don’t think hci would affect the price of mage armor with the mods mages look for.  Mages as a rule don’t rely on weapons, although there are exceptions. What makes a drop salable is it’s having groups of modes a player can use.  For example, a vicious ring has mods designed for fighters.  An arcane item usually has mods designed for casters.  
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    Thanks for all the help!
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    Ideally and depending on the template:

    No antiques
    HPI/Str/Int/Dex +5
    Stam or Mana +8 or higher
    LMC +8
    Resist >17
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