Customer Service non-existant, GM requests unanswered

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OK, So 3 days ago I log into game and to my surprise I am missing my 1 tile soul forge, my fountain and a chest that was secured and raised. (You can't raise an unsecured chest).  I clicked in area where fountain was and was able to see my enhanced bandages/ Logged out and back in and the soul forge was back in place along with the fountain but not the chest.  This is where my story begins.
Call for GM - 4 hours logged in and no response.  Second request I waited 2 more hours and no response.   Emailed support and received the following response:


We are very sorry for your wait time, please know that the GMs address each issue as soon as possible.
If you still require in-game assistance, please be sure to keep an eye on your email and in-game help request or submit a new in-game ticket if necessary.
Best regards, 
Ultima Online Support
Broadsword Online Games


Yesterday I again submitted a GM request and waited approximately 3 hours with no response from GM.

Now today I again submitted a request.  After two hours I finally received a message from GM Chemabog that reads:

That as players they understand how frustrating it is to lose in game items, that they are unable to replace the items lost in game.  (Not his words exactly but general)

Now what do I have to do for a GM to actually show up and check to see if my items fell trough the floor, if there is a bug in my house or something to that effect.  At no time in my request have I requested for them to replace items but to show up and check and either report a bug or fix issue where my locked down are loosing their secure status?  This customer service is why I left the game the first time and I see that even tough this game has lost a lot of players they do not wake up and help the few that are left when issue arrives.

Vent over////

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