Bladeweave, other pet context commands

In EC, you can control the offensive or defensive behavior of pet bladeweave, as so, in the chat window (*):

defense mode:
/script ContextMenu.RequestContextAction(Interface.DefaultPet1, 954)

offense mode:
/script ContextMenu.RequestContextAction(Interface.DefaultPet1, 955)

However, the above doesn't do anything unless the pet is mounted.

That limits this to mountable pets, and it also limits usage to races and forms that can mount a pet.  No gargoyles, no wraith form, etc.

Please also add new pet context controls to change other pet behaviors, like whether area affect spells/abilities are used, whether mastery usage is enabled, etc.

Thank you!


(or drop the / prefix and use action Other -> Command)

Assumes the pet objectID has been stored in the DefaultPet1 slot, which can be done via Pet Targeting -> Store Default Pet1.


  • PawainPawain Posts: 6,965
    I think we were supposed to be able to click the pet and change modes.  It seems that did not make it into Pub 97.

    Unfortunately the pet starts in Defense mode.   But is someone changes it Offense, the pet stays that way when traded.
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