Pool Party at the Void Pool

Want to go hunting but don't have a big enough group?
Are you looking for good guides to dungeons you've yet to explore or just tired of adventuring on your own?
The community hunts are open to everyone! While they may be sponsored by a city governor, it is for the Baja community!
Take a walk on the wild side. Meet some new and old friends and have a bit of a challenge along the way.

Community-hosted Pool Party at the Void Pool
Date: Monday, September 19, 2022
Time: 6:30 Pacific pm/ 9:30 pm Eastern 
Starting Location: Gates provided from WBB 30 minutes before start
Host: Cordelia Stewart, Governor of Vesper
Let us try this again please! 

And remember, these hunts are for everyone, regardless of their skill level or guild affiliation. Come meet new friends, see new places, gain experience and just have fun!
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