How about giving to players the ability to set an item as "Shard Bound" ?

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There is quite a number of players who care for their Low Population Shards and would be willing to do more to help them out, stock up their Vendors to provide items for new and returning players to their Shard and, in general, a number of good intended initiatives to help their Shards increase their Population levels...

Unfortunately, especially with scripters using BOTs to browse Vendor Search looking for items priced conveniently to buy low and then resell high on Atlantic, all these players who would like to stock up their Vendors with items at a good price to help out new and returning players on their Shard, eventually refrain from doing it because they end up helping players who buy everything priced low and conveniently, to then resell it higher on Atlantic.


What if you guys where to make it possible to players to set the items they want as "Shard Bound" thus making it possible for all of these players who would like to help the economies of their Shards and new and returning players coming to their Low Population Shard, by offering items priced low on their Vendors, but set to be "Shard Bound", so that they cannot be taken to Atlantic for a profit ?

It could be done with a deed created by crafters having a combination of skills, whatever... the most important thing, to my opinion, would be, to make it possible.

Oh, and if an item has been marked with the Shard Bound tag by a character/account, either make it so that this tag cannot be removed or, if you want it to be made removable, it will need to have to be removed by the exact same character/account that applied it, noone else.

Of course, if it was to be an item "Shard Bound" because generated by the Client (those we have been getting from turning in Treasures of Artifacts to the turn in NPC), no player would be able to remove the Shard Bound tag on those items, because placed by the game and not by a player.

This way, finally, players who want to help their Lowly Populated Shard but not see other players buy low there and sell higher on Atlantic, could finally be able to offer on their Vendors items priced really low to help out, only on their Shard, new and returning players.

Just a thought....


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    Just a thought, maybe the owners of these low population shard vendors enjoy making gold and are glad someone is buying their stuff. Helping out returning players usually means low end deco, basic spellbooks, rune books, and semi decent beginner's armor. No one buys this stuff to transfer and sell on Atlantic. 
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    This proposal has been discussed at great length in earlier threads. It is highly inflammatory and I am therefore classing this thread as 'troll bait'.
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