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after long  time I returned to UO a few weeks ago and atm I am reading more then I am playing due to so many new things , especially for crafting stuff...

Can someone explain me how I would get 96% Lifeleech to a hatchet like seen in the picture ?

What I believe to understand in crafting (please correct me if I am wrong) .. 

- Reforging a weapon with a.e. Vampiric would be capped at 70% (Lifeleech)
- Imbuing a hatched with Lifeleech is capped to my Legendary Imbuer at 68%
- Creating a Hatched with a runic hammer directly, to may get over the cap ? Cant see how this would go. Or is there something like a runic tinkering tool available which I have not found in the UO WIKI?

I am sure I am doing / thinking something wrong , and would appreciate any help for a returner :-)


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    I'll give it a shot... Been learning myself on here.

    My guess is that this is a hatchet crafted exceptionally with iron by a smith. Nothing special there.

    Next take a runic Hammer from a bod reward and using the soulforge do reforging. You can tell it was reforged this way at the bottom. That runic reforging process is how the hatchet got overcapped life leech.

    You know it's been imbued but you don't know what value was imbued after the reforging process.  You do know that reforging did NOT max out the imbue-weight or number of properties, otherwise it would not be possible to imbue anything.

    My guess would be that an exceptional hatchet was crafted, the reforged with a bronze runic choosing powerful and one name, of the vampire, cost 4 charges and added some or all of the leeches. Then powdered up to 255. Then the crafter had a little extra imbue-weight left and a space for a new property so imbued on the slayer which completed it.
  • ValeriaValeria Posts: 41
    You can get overcapped properties via reforging... Might burn through a lot of hammers though and I'm not certain if all can be overcapped but I'm 99.9% sure the leeches can...  The issue is having any weight left to imbue anything. Overcapped leeches eat up a lot of space which prevents imbuing
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    Regarding to is Vampiric Life Leech cap at 70% .. 

    Maybe this site is outdated ...

    Regarding to this site a Weapon with Speed 2.75 seconds sould be capped at 68%

    Maybe this site is also outdated... 

    In all my tests on Testserver I never could overcap this values (70%) but have not tried it with very high runic hammer ... maybe the description on this sites are not correct / outdated--

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    "the uoguide stats on the caps of regorging for leeches are a bit meaningless, as leech caps depend on the weapon type, (the slower the weapon the higher the cap can be)
    use the official wiki for info on reforging as it is a lot more accurate.

    This item is indeed reforged to give higher life leech"
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    O.K. thx .. the WIKI from 2020 does explain this... (think it's the newest)

    PS: One of the hardest things to figure out for a returner is: Which of the Sites with information's to a "certain thing"  are correct and which are outdated .. <span>:smiley:</span>

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    This page is upto date:
    Because I'm right here, reading the publish notes as they come out and updating the wiki for any page that is affected.

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    “I’ll help you out   Will be correct “
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    Thx a lot ...
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