Deep into Tokuno we go...

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Pacing the floor as Karisa tended to her adoptive father, King Blackthorn sighs to himself and shakes his head. “Karisa... were you seen? Did any escape the prison?” Karisa carefully dabs a cool cloth over Urata's forehead, “None Sire, It was a clean jail break, our friends performed their parts beautifully. I did get word from Natsuko. She has a lead on an old Imperial alchemist that may be able to point us in the right direction.”

The King stands at a window, overseeing Britain. “What will you need for this?”

Karisa pauses in answering, then turns to the King. “ This Alchemist is deeply hidden, I'm told even the false Empress has her men hunting him down. If she is doing that, she is scared of the information he holds. If he knows what happened to the Emperor, we can prove she killed her father and stole the imperial throne from Natsuko”

King Blackthorn nods his head, “I cannot be publicly involved in this, Karisa.... Even if her guard attacked once here in my lands, we have to do this carefully. I trust you to make the right choices.”

Karisa smiles, “It isn't me making the choices, Sire.... It is our people. They are seeing the crimes unfold, and they are seeing this mystery unfold. They've made the choices so far. But yes, We will approach this carefully. Last thing we want is a war between kingdoms.”

The King nods his head, “Very good... keep me informed of your fathers condition, I am sure he has much to tell us.” As the King leaves the room, Karisa turns back to her sleeping father and whispers, “Wake up soon, Otosan, You will have much to tell our friends...”

(“Deep into Tokuno we go!”- August 23rd at 8 pm est! We meet at the Britain Councilor Hall!)

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