Imbue weight of Casting Focus?

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While you can't imbue it, only reforge it, it does have a weight. I'm trying to figure it out for a discussion on Imbuing weights, but something literally isn't adding up.

The test item is a exceptional (100 Arms Lore, regular shard) leather Gloves.

Casting Focus 2%
Lower Mana Cost 8%
Resists: 9/26/25/20/5

Now, if I go into LMC via the imbuing menu, at 8% the item is showing at 595/500. If LMC was dropped to 1% (the one property that can be altered where exceptional bonuses aren't in play), the weight for the entire item would drop to 498/500.

If I add up the intensities I get:
1. LMC: 110 weight @ 100 intensity

2. Resists: Started with 35 (15 + 20 exceptional/Lore). Total post-reforge is 85.
9 of the 20 Exceptional bonus are in the two resists that didn't get boosted, so don't count toward item imbue weight.
The base (pre-bonuses) of the 3 resists reforged are 4/3/3.
So, does the imbuing weight count the exceptional bonuses or not? Either it's 500 weight (ignoring all 20% added resists), or 610 weight for the 3 modified (which is out of range, from what I can determine - the bonus is supposed to be 20% max)?
I'm going to assume the 500 weight for this, as it's the only one that might make sense, minus the 90 weight for the 9 resists for the ex points in Physical and Energy. for 410.

Total so far: 520.

3. Casting Focus: Here's the problem. 
What few online sources I can find suggest the imbuing weight for Casting Focus is 1.2.
However, at 1.2, CF 2% would be 80%

That adds up to 600/500, not 595.

Even at 1.1 weight, that CF 2% would be 73.33 weight. That would have a display in the above example of 593 (maybe 594 if forced to round up for any decimal), not 595. This could be a rounding error, but as CF would be the only one of the 5 properties added that would HAVE a decimal.
Using the 73.33 weight and the 13.75 weight of 1% of 8% LMC (12.5% x 1.1), you get 410+87.8, which would actually round to the 498/500 shown on the imbuing menu if I propose a drop to 1% from the existing 8% LMC.

So, which is the correct imbuing weight when calculating Casting focus on an existing item being imbued to change other properties? 1.1 or 1.2? 


  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    “Casting focus is 40 intensity per 1%

    The resists have gone way over cap so that is where the high weight has gone to”
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    Yoshi, that would be 1.2 - except my analysis indicates that it's not. If it were, the displayed intensity in the imbue gump of the item I was working on as example should have been 15 points higher. Hence the reason I was inquiring.
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    "the miscalculation is in the resists
    (you get 36 resist base with armslore)
    exceptinal bonus and armslore bonus of resist do not count towards imbue weight, even special material resist bonus does not count"
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