Family Secrets

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Family Secrets 

The tent erupted with laughter as Ansen continued to discuss his evening at the Gravewater Lake Pub:

“You scored what, again?” Inquired Moreno with a large grin on his face. Ansen chuckled as he took a large swig from a mug of ale and replied:

“I don’t think I even shot over one hundred through three rounds!”

Moreno continued to chuckle as did a few other thieves present inside of the tent. After taking a bottle of wine that was on the table, Moreno sat back in his chair and further inquired:

“This offer you made to the Governor, what was his take on it?”

Ansen pondered for a few moments before replying:

“I am not certain. The prospect of gold did not seem to motivate him.”

Moreno nodded for a few moments as he fiddled with the cork on the bottle of wine. After a few more pulls, the cork popped off and he poured himself a rather large helping in a somewhat clean mug. He then raised it slightly in the direction of Ansen.

“It is good to have you back in Britannia. I do hope you enjoyed yourself the other evening. I find that the pirates have very entertaining evenings.”

Ansen smiled and raised his mug to return the salute.

“I do miss the food and drink, I assure you. Although the seafood of Tokuno is excellent, the rice wines get old very fast.” Said Ansen.

Moreno nodded and inquired:

“That ivory bow, do you think it is worth anything? Obviously, it didn’t help your shooting out at all.”

Ansen chuckled for a few moments while he inspected the ornate ivory carved bow that was on the table in front of him. He then replied:

“Just an ornamental weapon, perhaps torn from the walls of the Sultan’s palace during all the looting.”

Moreno nodded in acceptance as he glanced at the bow for a few moments.

After several minutes of exchanging pleasantries and discussing events in the realm, the thieves that were present in the tent departed for the evening, leaving just Ansen and Moreno. While inspecting a parchment depicting tunnels and mineshafts, a messenger appeared at the entrance to the tent.

“Pardon me Moreno, there is someone here who wishes an audience.”

Moreno looked up to see a hooded figure in the doorway being escorted by several thieves. He then nodded for them to show the guest inside the tent. The hooded figure took a seat across the table from Moreno and lowered their hood to reveal their identity.

“Roysia?” Inquired a startled Moreno. Ansen looked over to her and then quickly back to Moreno.

“I see you got my message.” Said Roysia as she motioned to Ansen with a nod.

“What is the meaning of this? How did you get here undetected?” Moreno further inquired. Roysia smirked as she replied:

“For someone with our talents, twas not hard at all actually.”

Moreno raised an eyebrow and pondered for a few moments before speaking:

“I would offer you a drink, but I am sure that trust has not been earned yet.”

Roysia smirked as Moreno continued:

“So that begs us to ask, what are you doing here?”

Roysia exhaled a deep sigh as she removed her gloves and set them on the table.

“I thought that maybe sending Ansen the warning would be enough, but I know how you operate Moreno. I come to you seeking to join your ranks.” Replied Roysia.

A confused look came across the faces of both Moreno and Ansen as they side eyed one another. After a few moments of silence Moreno inquired:

“Why do you wish to join us? You are one of the King’s most trusted. Every part of my conscience tells me this is a rouse.”

Roysia nodded as she lowered her head. Moreno, Ansen and several of the thieves that were now present in the tent all looked over in her direction as they waited for her reply.

“I simply cannot take orders from him anymore.” Said Roysia as she shook her head. She then continued:

“He does not have a grasp on what is happening in the Kingdom. News of Radim’s illness has reached my ears; it made me think of how I was locked up in the palace basement by Anumi. I simply… I cannot…”

Moreno motioned for the thieves present to exit the tent. After everyone had left Moreno spoke:

“As I stated, I simply cannot trust you given your past dealings with the King.”

Roysia slowly looked up from the table, her watering eyes met the cold stare of Moreno. Ansen motioned for Moreno to lean in a bit closer to him. He pointed to a crude drawing and runic writings that were written on a parchment in front of him. Moreno then sat back in his chair and pondered for a few moments.

“There is one way perhaps. You are actually the best suited person for this task, now that I consider it.”

Moreno stood up and walked to the other side of the tent where he inspected a stash of coin and gems that were overflowing from a chest, they were contained in. He then continued:

“This will not only prove your loyalty to the Family but consider it an end to your life. If you do this, you will never be able to go back.”

Roysia sat in silence for a few moments pondering what Moreno had just said and what sort of task needed to be done. She then nodded in acceptance of Moreno’s offer. Moreno forced a slight smile as he walked over to Ansen, took the parchment the two were looking at and walked it over to Roysia. She reached her hand out to accept the parchment and inspect it, however the parchment was being held firmly by Moreno as the two made eye contact. He then loosened his grasp and allowed Roysia to accept the offering. After a few minutes of inspecting the diagrams and writings, Roysia inquired:

“You wish me to steal this? From the King?”

Moreno nodded and replied:

The Magical Reeds of The Mad Piper. Surely the King keeps these very close to him at all times. As one of his most trusted, you can get much closer to him than any of us ever could. Take them. Bring them here, and you will have a new Family.”

Roysia sat with a blank stare on her face for several moments. She began to ponder if she would leave the island alive if she refused the offer.

“What do you think?” Inquired Moreno.

Roysia nodded in acceptance and was met with a smile from Moreno and Ansen. Moreno then nodded towards the exit from the tent. Roysia drew her hood and proceeded to exit the tent out into the warm summer evening.

Moreno looked over to Ansen and the two stared at one another in disbelief at what had just occurred...
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