Ruffled Feathers and Bunched Up Petticoats

It had been years since last I was a Governor, all the pranks of My Sister I had thought I was prepared for anything. Yet Dead Body's that don't get removed and the smell lingering in the streets had my Feathers ruffled. One thing that brought a smile to my face were all the Toads at Blackthorns Castle I had seen just days before the Governors meeting, that alone made me giggle, but it was all that had made me giggle. I would stand firm with the King on my concerns and demand for something to be done.  

Yet Walking into the Castle for the Governor meeting I had butterflies in my stomach, and it felt as if my petticoats were riding up my behind. Tugging at the back of my dress and flattening the wrinkles on my skirt, I open the doors to the meeting chambers, big sigh of nervousness and I must stay focused. I find a seat to await everyone. sitting there minding my own business, I watch as a few enter the room, across the aisle sits the Governor Of Skara, Xuri *Estranged Sister to the culprit aiding The Family*, trying to not cause any fuss, I remain quiet. As I hear her speaking to me, " I believe the bridge by your office is on fire....." Xuri Smugly announces to me. Not only had I been dealing with dead body's but bridges a fire now, just great. I excuse myself for a few minutes to run outside to look, wouldn't you know it, she was was right. The citizens had managed to extinguish the flames, but it was still smoldering. I spoke with a few citizens while gawking at the calamity was correct and while speaking with citizens, rumors had it, that it had been Suka that was seen setting the fire. Something had to be done about this problem as well. I was uncertain if anyone had bounties for her capture, perhaps i should speak with others on this matter and donate to the bounties but right now I had a Governors meeting to attend and other matters to discuss. Pulling on the sides of my skirts it just seemed as if the more I stress over the more my petticoats get in a bunch, as I try to fix this and run back inside. 

As I await the King, seems most Governors had arrived and time to speak was soon, and boy did I have a lot to say! Reminding myself to be pleasant and at this point, now I am not sure I can, because Suka had my feathers ruffled even more. 

The meeting started from the end of Jhelom and as I smile, Frey bombarded the King with all kinds of good stuff and the Fun began.........
Jaden Rain
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