Death of a Friend

AulbreyAulbrey Posts: 1
The cold winds had just begun to pick up as the chimes near the front of the house began to ring. aulbrey awoke from her sleep, she rubbed her eyes and slowly crawled out of bed. looking around she sighed slightly grabbed her journal and walked downstairs. she knew this was the hardest day of her life and there was no stopping it now.

the flame from the fireplace danced in the other room as Aulbrey set her journal the the table in front of her. she opened the journal and began flipping through its pages. Distant memories began to flood her mind and she relieved her adventures of the past. She recalled the times of joy she spent with her friends and then that joy turned to sorrow as she remembered them leaving her one by one. as she flipped through the story of her life she paused a moment as she turned to the final blank page of her journal.

staring at the page Aulbrey pondered what should be put there in that final moments of her journal. what seemed like hours past as she sat looking at the blank page finally she picked up her quill and began to write her words upon the page....

*written in what appears to be blood*

The door creaked open as a hooded figure knelt down to find a pale, motionless Aulbrey Loveless laying dead on the floor with what appeared to be her journal and a single tooth next to her.
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