Why Do People Get Mad About PVP

I mean it sucks being killed, but when I go to Fel I expect it. Why do you think people get so upset about it? Is it different on different shards?


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    Trash talk / 3rd party programs.  PvP is really EvE(3rd/3rd)  equipment and programs V equipment and programs.  Real PvP went out the window with AoS
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    "If you were playing a racing game and i logged in with a cheat for the car to go faster and stopped you winning, you would get pretty tired of it after the 1000th race.

    So you're running from 5 oranges and a guy catches up to you and you manage to splinter him, and then 8 seconds later that person has caught up with you again..."
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    Trash talk / 3rd party programs.  PvP is really EvE(3rd/3rd)  equipment and programs V equipment and programs.  Real PvP went out the window with AoS

    "Real" PvP didn't really even become a reality until probably Mondain's Legacy. It's a matter of opinion and perspective, but personally I consider "real" PvP to be when the majority of players I fought were on a more equal footing in regards to game and mechanical knowledge and throughput. If you think that pre-AoS pvp wasn't item dependent then you've never experienced the vanq meta in conjunction with +20 tactics. Two archer mages running vanq heavies, each shot takes 2/3 of your life after your RA is down. Daggers for a minute there had the highest base damage for the rate in which they could be swung, and were capable of destroying players as quickly as slow heavy hitting vanqs (hally/bardiche/heavies). Think of a quarterstaff but more damage and could be DPed, very few people knew about it though.

    Scripting didn't magically become a thing after AoS either, neither did private servers on that note. Those were all things in play before and after AoS.

    If you think the times before AoS were less dominated by people crutching on gimp strategies than now, you're wrong. Now it just comes in the form of splintering weapons with high base damages at near cap swing speed in conjunction with automation for those players who cannot actually play their characters themselves to an acceptable degree in which to not be kicked out of their guild.
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    Everyone feels differently about it.  Some don’t care to play against real people they do it enough in real life.  Some like the challenge of playing against others.  Don’t think anyone looks forward to getting killed or being cheated.

    Anyway, we are all different.  Don’t think where the shard is makes a difference.  We all look at what we want out of the game our own way.  Some of us are more vocal about how we feel than others don’t let that throw you off.  Personally I do a risk vs reward analysis before deciding to head that way.
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    I mean it sucks being killed, but when I go to Fel I expect it. Why do you think people get so upset about it? Is it different on different shards?

    Not all players are emotionally fit to PvP let alone understand game mechanics or different play styles. Some people jump to accusing others and assuming scripts make them a good player. Others act out uncontrollably and bring personal life issues into the game. From my observation, it's not so much about the PvP aspect but more different personality type and coping mechanisms.

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    Part of being a good player, Pre AOS was farming and having the gold to buy regs, weapons, and armor... in AOS same concept, part of AOS was having the gold and scrolls your character needed. Now it's so easy to build suits and characters, it's pretty much the equivalent of a test center. 
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    when I think of pvp
    my thoughts are more about being pk'd
    (basically because I don't like the violence)

    I usually don't like to go to fel
    but will do it when my guild goes there for events.
    And that is mainly because of the memories it brings back.

    years ago, my cousin got me to playing UO.
    her boyfriend got her into playing.
    After they broke up, she started romances with guys in game.
    She allied with a guild that one of the guys was in.
    And he would viciously attack me every chance he got.
    All my cousin do was laugh.
    I kept telling him to stop but he wouldn't.
    He liked to kill me at Luna and would wait until i got back to my body
    before he would kill me again.
    The character I was playing was a crafter and he would always take my resources.
    finally one day I told him not to do it again but he wouldn't listen.
     so I left the guild quickly after he attacked and when he killed me,
    I gave him a murder charge.
    he did the same thing a few days later and I gave him another murder charge
    which ended up being his 5th murder charge.
    And because he was stuck in fel, my cousin built her house in fel.
    then when they broke up, there was lot of drama.
    And it was a war just to go inside her house.

    so now, any time I see a red in fel
    it just brings back that feeling of helplessness.
    I feel like the crafter who just went to Luna to turn in bods
    and gets viciously murdered over and over again.


    I absolutely hate to PVP in UO
    but I have to admit that I liked it in WOW
    because battlegrounds are different 
    & you don't have to worry about getting your stuff back
    (also liked doing as many achievements as possible)
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    I don’t play much in Fel because at my age I have no interest at all in fighting with other players.  I think that is more the reason most players don’t play there rather than their getting upset over being killed.  You know when you go to Fel you can be killed,  and you know you will most likely will be upset if you are killed but being upset is more or less normal when you lose.  I get upset when I get killed by monsters in Trammel too.  But to be honest Fel does not offer enough to get me to go there on a regular basis.

    Maybe Atlantic is different but in the four years I have played I have never seen another player anytime I have gone alone to Fel.  From what I have read here pvm templates can’t compete with pvp templates so don’t see much incentive for pvm players to go there if pvp players are active.

    This game has so much to offer to all players.  It’s all there even with the dated software, graphics and bugs.  But somehow  UO just can’t get it together.

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    Because Tail Kills Them! This is the #1 reason people get mad.
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    Tail wins again!
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