The Grand Opening Is HERE! The Event No One Asked For!

Hail and well met!

It's finally here! The event no one asked for! The grand opening of the ALL NEW Trinsic Historical Museum! New building, new location and new items.

The old museum was small and a fund raiser has enabled us to expand to our new far larger and expansive museum. A special thank you to the person that purchased the rare puppy from my Luna vendor shop that enabled the funds to speed up having the museum come to life. I miss that puppy and I hope he's doing well *sigh*. Speaking of vendors my vendors are getting cleaned out while I spend time at the museum, but hope to have it stocked back up later tonight.

Some things you can expect...

1st Floor Many Trinsic, Legends and UO rares displayed in an easy to see format. All items, that can be, have been enable to display and produce their special properties when examined (double clicked)

2nd Floor The "researchers floor" with rows of boxes with organized collections through the years. Each box has related items next to the box to indicate what's inside!

3rd Floor Featuring wall art and Trinsic's most incredible bathroom of all time. The bathroom has interesting items such as a toilet, privy roll and much more for your convenience and comfort while visiting. Voted Trinsic's most awesome #1 bathroom of all time by the workers at the museum.

4th Floor Exploring the dark side of Trinsic with creepy and horrifying displays. Spider and snake anti-venom available in the gift shop. Parents are advised that it may not be suitable for children... wait... where are all the children these days? Hmmm....

It's about "85% complete" and we have sent an agent to far off lands to acquire the items we need for the finishing touches. We sincerely hope you enjoy it when you've got some time to kill or are interested in rares, collections and decorating. We certainly would appreciate you feedback on the museum's bulletin board.

Many fine rares (Our premium rares are often located in the tavern) and an extensive library can be found at Captain Lucky's Castle/Tavern/Inn with many ideas for anyone interested in decorating. A rune to the near by castle is locked down on the steps of the museum. Vendors interested in having their runes added to the steps just leave a rune in our mailbox. The tavern is currently hosting the annual Trinsic Leprechaun Convention. So all the rooms are booked and honestly drunken Leprechauns are everywhere. It's the Camelot Castle so if your interested in my having one built it may also be worth a look.

We've made it super easy to find. We've given runes to our Museum Researcher Sandy so a vendor search for the Trinsic Historical Society (or just Trinsic) will generate a map to use for recalling. It's located at 131o 7'S, 33o 32'E. Or check the painting below for a location map. Just leave Trinsic through the south gate and proceed south till you see the "Traditional Keep". If you enjoy rares, history, collections and decorating I'm sure you will enjoy stopping by. Open 24 hours. Thanks so much for your attention. Captain Lucky *Bows with grand flourish*

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies
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