How to Summon an Emperor

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Karisa walked teary eyed into the cave, knowing just where to find Natsuko. As predicted, the raven haired beauty sat comfortably, waiting.

“Kari? What happened my friend?”, Karisa knelt at Natsuko's feet and rested her head upon her friends lap. “She took him, she took Otosan...He asked the wrong questions. I cannot find him anywhere, I cannot break into the cells alone either.”

Natsuko stroked Karisa's matted blond hair, a look of worry on her face. “I will get my men to start looking for an entry point into the dungeon. Before he was taken, what did he say?”, Karisa sniffed and sat up straight, pulling herself together. “He said, only the Emperor will know what happened at this point. But his body was burned, there's no way other than summoning his spirit or hoping it still lingers in his tomb.” Natsuko cringed, “Breaking into my fathers tomb isn't something I ever thought I'd have to do...”

Karisa takes her hands in hers and shakes her head, “Allow me, You shouldn't have to bear that burden.” , “No, Kari, the burden is mine to bare. Gather your people willing to help, send them to me tonight. I will await them in the Inn. We will give them the proof they need. We will clear your name in Britannia as well. You are a good soul, and a better friend.”

Natsuko rose from her chair, and let Karisa grieve her missing adopted father. Her heart heavy with the task laid out before her. She knew this would not be easy, lets hope Karisa's friends are up for the task that lay in wait... Tonight.

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