A True Tale

*looks around to make sure no evil is lurking* The story I am about to tell has been a family secret for years.
My uncle, Josef Paren, a distant uncle on my father’s side was horse groomer at Lord British’s castle. His wife, Maria, worked in the castle as a chambermaid for the king.

I swear this story is absolute truth …

"A young Chambermaid, of slender form, not only pretty to his eyes, but witty and quick to notice his conversations as they passed each other in the King’s chambers. She was only at her new job in the Castle one year, but in that brief time she won not only his attention she won his affection. Her name was Arianna, and even saying her name brought joy to Lord British’s face. He found that every time she was near him, his heart pounded so loudly, he was sure she would hear it!

Lord British began to spend more and more time in his living quarters when she was cleaning the many rooms and making up his bed. Often of late, she would place sweet fragrant flowers in a vase near his bed. So, he made excuses as to why he lingered so. But alas, he could still his heart no more, and confessed his love of her. Arianna knew her position, and knew there should be boundaries between them, but by now she too felt drawn to his handsome ruggedness. To be sure he was indeed handsome to the eye, but there was physical as well as mental strength that she found so appealing. Words of love between them began to fade as she fell into his strong and loving embrace. He made love to Arianna, and the hours and days became a blur. The Kingdom lacked for his attention, and it would lead to his detriment.

The two kept their affair of the heart a secret to be sure. Arianna fully knew there could never be a marriage between them because of her position and his! That she would never be his Queen. All that fled from her mind when he held her and made love to her.

The times were dark in the Kingdom, and there were dozens of threats against Lord British's life from across the Kingdom, and beyond the borders. These threats took Lord British away from his kingdom for long periods of time as he as he sought to remove all threats and opposition to the Throne. The only joy Lord British felt was returning to the Kingdom and to the arms of his love.

Yet, on one such return, something was different. When he embraced her, she seemed distant. He inquired as to her disposition. Only to hear her sobbing and struggling to catch her breath to speak. At last, she voiced her heart.

“My love, my life, and my King; I have news I do hope you will not find loathsome?”

“Speak your heart my dear Arianna, tell me.”

She took a long deep beath again and spoke.

“I am with your child my love, my Lord.”

She did not know in her heart how he would react? There was a moment of silence.

Lord British was filled with joy and excitement at the news!

“Nae my love, this is great news indeed! I will be a father.”

“Yes, my dear one, but how is this to be, I your loving, but humble servant, and you, our King?”

Her gaze fall to the floor.

“It is settled my dear, my old and trusted friend, Friar Maynard, the castle’s clergyman will marry us.”

And so, the two met the next evening in the Castle’s chapel, along with their dear friends, Maria and Josef and Friar Maynard. The two were married secretly, the child would have an honorable birthright!

Alas, their joy was short lived. The time of birth arrived, the King had just returned from another trip abroad, and Arianna went into labor. Her labor was long and difficult, she lost a lot of blood and became weakened. Maria was by her side and assisted at the birth of Prince Sosarian, (so named by British himself in honor of all that he loved about this Kingdom he was fortunate to rule over). As Arianna held her baby boy, Lord British held them both close, life slowly left Arianna.

Lord British’s anguish filled the castle with tears and sadness. In his heart he knew his child was in danger; his child had to be hidden away for his safety. He turned to Maria and Josef and charged them with finding a safe place for the child until the threats against him ceased.

In the dark of the night, with the baby wrapped in fine linens and adorned with a lone family heirloom, Maria and Josef brought the baby to distant relatives far from Britain.

Lord British never saw his son again. Shortly after Prince Sosarian’s birth, Lord British was assassinated."

It is time this story be told and the rightful Heir take his place on the throne. Let the celebrations begin!
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