Feels really bad

So I just started playing again, I quit back in 2010 and started around 2003.
The game is a lot of fun, as I remember, and I've even got a few friends to try it out.
I really love the community on this server and I've got to meet a few new hunting buddies.

Here's where things don't feel so good.
When I started back I tried to recover both my old accounts. But was having a lot of issues with the account management site.
I had one new account and my main account with all my old Tamer pets on it. I worked through all the logins on the site and was able to recover one of my accounts, the new one. I did the password recovery for the old one, but no dice, the email didn't hit my mailbox. I would continue to log in each day and send the password reset again in hopes it would somehow work.

So I started playing on the younger account, even found a house plot. But after a week of not getting anywhere with the old account I bought three soul stone tokens on the new account and used the tokens.
Then out of nowhere a few days later, I clicked the recover email for my old account one more time and BOOM! I got the email. Man, I was excited. I was able to log in and started sorting through everything.

But I just used three soul stones on my new account. That’s $60 bucks, I can’t spend that again on my main account. So, I contacted a GM, they show up at my house and tell me there is nothing they can do, even after I explained why this happened. I just wanted them turned back into tokens, not a refund. I still want to use them.

So now I must choose between playing a new account with the soul stones I need or my main account with all my Power Scrolls, rare pets, and items. I'm not sure what policy prevents the GM from helping me, considering the website wasn't working correctly, but it feels really bad from a customer support side.

Please work on the account management site, or maybe change whatever policy it is that is so strict on helping customers in events like this. 
I don't know what to say, this has been the only negative experience I've had since I started again.

Ok, end rant / venting session I guess lol   


  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 1,338
    Soulstones are $10 / 1000 Sovs and you usually find them for 75M on vendor search.
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