Trade Trouble in Moonglow: A Treasure Ship Hits the High Seas! (Player-Run Event)

Friday, June 10th at 830p EDT, a ship loaded with legendary and mythical trade cargo, fey ingots, gold and other goodies will be hitting the high seas in Felucca. 

Put on your best pirate hat, grab a boat and see if you can scuttle the ship and claim the treasures within. It will be defended (or maybe "defended" depending on how well we do haha) so get your crew together to join in the fun :)

Location clues can be found on Stratics in the stories called Trade Trouble in Moonglow and the first mate can't help but comment on the things she sees as she's sailing along!

Once the ship has started it's way across the world, it will be announced in Gen Chat and everyone is invited to this event. 
Maith Ceol, Chesapeake
Governor of Moonglow


  • Borganne washed ashore,.. the saltwater stinging his wounds. Barely conscious, he looked around for Maith Ceol and their close to could they fail....what would be Maith's next step to recover the goods and defend her city....
  • TXEggplantTXEggplant Posts: 120
    Sadly, one of the raiders had a secret weapon ... A highly trained Dread Spider!!! 
    Maith Ceol, Chesapeake
    Governor of Moonglow
  •  How many peg legs do you think a Dread Spider pirate could have and still function? <span>:wink:</span>

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