Capture and Questions.....

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Spring was always beautiful in the heart of Tokuno. Walking through the fields of flowers and cherry blossom trees, Karisa took a deep breath as she found the home of the man that raised her. Her heart was heavy as she entered the home, slipping her shoes off at the door.

“Urata? Are you home? We need to talk!” The home was silent. In Karisa's mind, a little too silent. She stepped farther in and looked around. Her heart sank deep into her chest. The living room was destroyed, a body lay on the floor. She quickly ran to the body, a quivering voice she barely recognized as her own cried out, “Otosan?!” As she flipped the mans body over, relief washed over her. This was not Urata. She continued her search through the home until finally she heard a deep voice croak out from the bathroom, “Kari...?” Karisa ran into the bathroom, her eyes watered as she finds her Urata leaning against the tub, his face and chest slashed. “What,.. What even happened here?!”

Karisa rushed to his side to help him, his voice remain low, “I , It was an assassin. I asked too many questions. The Empress, she dismissed my claims, and when I produced evidence she lashed out at me. Sent me away and … Kari, Little Kari I am going to live. Please calm yourself.” Karisa wiped tears from her face.. taking a deep breath, not realizing she was crying. “King Blackthorn fetched me himself, I had to return to Britain for questioning of my loyalty there. I should have been here when this happened.” Urata grabbed her hand in his, “Kari No, You have a responsibility to your King.. just as I have one to the Empress.”

Karisa frowned, “Natsuko, is the rightful Empress, and You know this. The twins and I used to play together all the time while you attended the Emperor.. Otosan, His death was not natural. It couldn't have been.” Urata sighs, “The current Empress, has a lot to hide. Little Kari, this is not a fight I think we can win.” “Well we have to try! Lets get you to a healer, King Blackthorn requests your appearance to speak to his citizens. You will answer as to why the Imperial Army attacked, and What the Empress is hiding. You owe me at least that.” With a nod of his head, Urata allowed Karisa to help him up.

In the distance, watching the two walk across the town to the healers, a dark figure stood and watched them.

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